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Luckily, there is now a solution to leaky showers common in commercial bathroom construction

Waterstop Streamline is a modern design which directly connects the shower screen to the waterproofing membrane, blocking the water path responsible for leaking showers. A one piece construction with ...read more

How is Commercial Shower Construction in Sydney Normally Done?

As little as about 5 years ago, all commercial shower construction was basically done with the same methods...the shower screen was sealed directly to the tiles with silicon. Because grout is porous, water could seep down through the grout lines and into the glue cavity above the waterproofing membrane. From here it could escape the shower enclosure and lead to staining of the floor tiles immediately outside. Commercial operators would notice ...read more

What Makes a Good System for Shower Waterproofing?

About a decade ago, a large builder expressed their frustration after yet another shower failed during the warranty period. In response, a group of industry professionals got together and began to examine how these leaks were occurring. After an exhaustive testing regime, it was found that the leaks were not the result of ...read more

Imagine a product that was designed to provide very fast installation while addressing the most common source of leaks. Imagine no longer!

No matter how well waterproofed a shower enclosure is, leaks can and do occur. This is due to the common method of sealing the screen directly to the tiles with silicon. Grout, being porous, allows water to seep down into the glue cavity above the waterproofing membrane. The action of expansion and contraction then pumps water out of the shower enclosure and onto the floor tiles directly outside. At best, this results in ...read more

Efficient Commercial Bathroom Construction in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

Any method used for creating a shower enclosure in commercial construction must be robust, easy to install, minimise the potential for mistakes during installation and most of all, waterproof.

Research has shown that one of the most common reasons that showers leak is because when the showers are constructed, the design calls for the screen to be directly connected to the tiles and not the waterproofing membrane. This allows water to wick its way through the ...read more

Why Do Shower Leaks Happen in the First Place?

Traditional shower design calls for the shower screen to be sealed to the tiles directly. Testing using shower models and water coloured with a dye has shown that, grout, being porous, allows water to seep down into the cavity between the waterproofing membrane and the tiles. From here, the action of expansion and contraction pumps water from the enclosure where it wicks between the grout lines outside of the shower. At best, this leads to ...read more

The Solution to Stop Leaks with Shower Construction in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin

Waterstop Streamline was designed after many prototypes were tested and refined. It achieves a solid seal between the screen and the membrane, is of one piece construction to minimise potential leak points and maximises the available floor area. It is available in a large range of sizes, shapes and colours to ...read more

Rebated Showers and Leaking

Even if the waterstop angle has been correctly installed and protrudes 5mm above finished tile height, this type of construction is almost never watertight. Typically the screen is installed with a "H" section glued over the waterstop angle with silicone. Close examination reveals that the screen is actually sealed to the tiles and not to the angle, allowing the transmission of water through grout lines and glue cavities and out of the shower enclosure. In addition ...read more

Waterproofing Residential Showers Made Easy

Waterstop Streamline is quite simply the easiest, most straightforward way to construct a shower. Many, many tilers and water-proofers recommend the system to all of their builders as it simplifies the installation process and prevents one of the BSA’s most consistently listed, top ten faults – leaking shower screens. We have received glowing recommendations from water-proofers, tilers, screen installers and builders and have been ...read more

Wholesale Manufacturer of Bathroom Waterproofing Systems and Products Reduces Call-Back Issues

Bathroom waterproofing systems are an essential part of bathroom construction or remodelling. Keeping water contained in the shower area is vital to prevent mould and structural issues. Unfortunately, some models are known to cause leaking. Contractors who have received numerous call-backs to ...read more

Ensure Leak Free Showers with Premier Waterproofing Systems And Shower Floor Products

Let’s face it – leaking showers are bad for business. If you’re a homebuilder or remodeler, leaking showers can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Furthermore, repeated mistakes can be harmful to a contractor’s reputation. Unfortunately, leaking showers are not always the fault of the builder. Even when proper steps are followed – including application of ...read more

In Need of Shower Sealing Materials? Avoid Leaks With Quality Waterproofing System Products

Are you a contractor or builder looking for shower sealing products? You’ll no doubt be aware of the importance of proper bathroom waterproofing. When installing showers, builders cautiously follow several steps to ensure a reliable seal. Waterproofing membrane is ...read more

Choosing a Waterproof Shower Membrane System? Manufacturer Supplies Premier Waterproofing Bathroom Products

When it comes to bathroom construction or remodelling, choosing a waterproofing membrane system requires a lot of consideration. The quality of waterproofing materials will greatly influence how well the ...read more

Bathroom Waterproofing System To Prevent Leaking Showers

Ever notice liquid outside your shower after using it? Did you know showers can leak below the tiles as well? Though it may not be immediately noticeable, many showers are prone to leaking below the surface. Defects in waterproofing shower designs make it possible for moisture to escape in subsurface areas, which can cause issues in the bathroom. Even when carefully installed by professionals, some waterproofing systems are simply prone to leakage. Contractors lament the need for ...read more

In Need of Waterproofing Supplies or Materials? Find Products From Top-Notch Suppliers

Looking for waterproofing suppliers? It is important to know the quality of supplies being purchased, as this is a key factor in how the product will perform over time. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom waterproofing. Showers, being used daily will receive a lot of wear and tear. Especially in homes with multiple family members, showers could be ...read more

Waterproofing Wholesale Available to Builders in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth

Are you a contractor or builder looking for waterproofing wholesale in Melbourne? Effective products are key to prevent shower leaking and subsequent bathroom damage. Notable defects in common designs prompted the experts at Gleda to design an alternate method of sealing shower enclosures. Their resultant design, The Waterstop Streamline, is ...read more

Manufacturer Supplies Wholesale Commercial Bathroom Waterproofing and Shower Construction Products

In need of commercial waterproofing or commercial shower construction products? It is important to choose a wholesale retailer with time-effective products. Because of the potential for leaking and subsequent damage, shower waterproofing can be a high liability job for ...read more

Where to Find Wholesale Waterproofing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth

Are you looking for wholesale waterproofing in Melbourne? Perhaps you’re in need of wholesale waterproofing in Brisbane or Perth? Waterproofing is an essential part of bathroom construction and remodelling. If improperly contained within the shower enclosure, water can cause issues such mould and decay. Remodellers and homebuilders are cautious to ...read more

In Need of Wholesale Waterproofing Systems, Supplies or Products?

For any homebuilder or remodeller, waterproofing is a key step in completing a bathroom. Keeping water contained in the shower enclosure is vital to prevent mould and decay. Unfortunately in the past, many common designs have failed to support a reliable seal. Contractors found themselves returning time and time again to replace waterproofing systems that were ...read more