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Commercial Waterproofing for Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin.

How Changing Your Methods Can Improve Your Business in Commercial Waterproofing in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin

Do you own a commercial waterproofing business in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart or Darwin? If so, you probably are very familiar with methods of waterproofing showers and bathrooms. Many commercial waterproofing companies have found over the years, however, than no matter how good their contractors are or how much of an effort they put into their work, it is still possible to experience leaks following new shower construction. However, thanks to new methods, commercial waterproofing companies from Adelaide to Darwin are finding that their jobs have become much easier and their clients much happier.

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What Makes a Good System for Shower Waterproofing?

About a decade ago, a large builder expressed their frustration after yet another shower failed during the warranty period. In response, a group of industry professionals got together and began to examine how these leaks were occurring. After an exhaustive testing regime, it was found that the leaks were not the result of poor workmanship by commercial waterproofing contractors. Most of the fault lay with the design of the shower itself.

Testing using models and water coloured with dye showed that the traditional method of sealing the shower screen to the tiles allowed a water path through the porous grout and into the cavity between the tiles and the waterproofing membrane. The action of expansion and contraction effectively pumped water through this cavity and outside of the shower enclosure.

These industry professionals composed a list of requirements for the perfect system. This list included the following: a positive connection between the screen and the waterproofing membrane to eliminate the water path, a one piece design with no joins, compatibility with modern liquid membranes, a method to ensure the correct fall to waste, ease of installation, speed of tiling and screen fitment and a sleek, modern design that would fit in with existing customer decor.

Prototypes were made and tested in the field. After a process of testing, refining and testing again, Waterstop Streamline was born.

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How Changing to This Type of System Can Increase Business in Commercial Waterproofing in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin

Waterstop Streamline is very quick to install. Its one-piece design is fast and efficient for water-proofers, tilers and screen installers. Streamline has a built in tile gauge to ensure that the correct fall to waste is achieved every time and because it is installed square and level, screen fitment is simple as well.

Commercial waterproofing companies have found that using the Streamline system allows them to install more showers per day, critical when a hoard of tilers is following you on a large commercial contract.


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