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Modern Commercial Bathroom Construction in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

Modern Commercial Bathroom Construction in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

When it comes to Commercial bathroom construction, are you certain that you are maximising your efficiency and minimising the potential for problems? If not, perhaps it is time to look into a product that is relatively new to the commercial sector, but which has been well proven in large scale residential developments for nearly a decade.

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Efficient Commercial Bathroom Construction in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

Any method used for creating a shower enclosure in commercial construction must be robust, easy to install, minimise the potential for mistakes during installation and most of all, waterproof.

Research has shown that one of the most common reasons that showers leak is because when the showers are constructed, the design calls for the screen to be directly connected to the tiles and not the waterproofing membrane. This allows water to wick its way through the grout and down to the glue cavity below the tiles and above the membrane. From here, the action of heat and cold “pumps” water outside of the shower enclosure, creating unsightly staining at best, and serious structural damage at worst. With the goal of blocking this water path, professionals came together and came up with an innovative product to not only stop the leak, but to also provide more available space in the shower while matching the rest of the bathroom décor.

This product is Waterstop Streamline and it is quick and easy to install and water-proof and creates a template for the tiler with the fall to waste governed by a built-in tile gauge. Because it is installed square and level, the screen manufacturer has a very straight-forward job in making and fitting the screen.

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These features minimise the potential for problems during installation, keeping the job on track.


If you want to take your commercial bathroom construction to the next level in this highly competitive sector, Contact Waterstop Streamline today.