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In need of commercial waterproofing or commercial shower construction products? It is important to choose a wholesale retailer with time-effective products. Because of the potential for leaking and subsequent damage, shower waterproofing can be a high liability job for builders and contractors. Luckily, the Waterstop Streamline from Gleda has accounted for known defects in previous designs. Born from an industry need to prevent leaking showers, with input from numerous trade experts, the Waterstop Streamline is the premier product for commercial shower construction.

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The Known Defects With Commercial Waterproofing

Are you a contractor that builds hobbed or rebated showers, or a homeowner that uses one of these designs? The issue with these methods is that the shower screen is not directly connected to the membrane. In the case of a rebated or flow-through shower, the screen is usually connected to the tiles with a layer of silicon. Over time, however, silicon can degrade, allowing water to seep below the screen and outside the enclosure.

Even before time-induced silicon failure, these designs are prone to leaking. Water can travel through porous grout below the tiles. Even with a hobbed shower, cycles of expansion and contraction resulting from the heat and cold can pump water over the hob and out the enclosure. Thus, each of these designs are been known to cause leaks and often after a relatively short amount of time.

As a result, shower builders have noted numerous call-backs for bathroom waterproofing repairs, often while their construction was still under warranty. Tedious, time-consuming and expensive repairs are harmful for business. Thus, a team of experts sought a new method to solve wholesale shower waterproofing product defects.

The Industry Need for Effective Wholesale Bathroom Waterproofing Products

With advice from a variety of trade experts – including waterproofers, tillers, shower-screen fitters and builders – Gleda developed a ground-breaking design to prevent leaking showers. Following a strict set of design parameters, which included making the product resilient to all known causes of leaks, versatile across all shower types, easy to install and as close to cost-neutral as possible, the team of experts developed prototypes, tested, refined and tested again. After tedious development, the Waterstop Streamline was complete.

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The Waterstop Streamline, one of the premier wholesale shower waterproofing products, effectively seals shower enclosures by creating a positive seal between the waterproofing membrane and screen. The keyway, placed above the tile surface, effectively traps any liquid within the membrane, preventing it from escaping. Thanks to the input from industry experts, the product was designed to require minimal tile cutting and ease of screen fitment. Furthermore, its aesthetic and variety of sizes and shapes make it adaptable across a wide range of bathroom styles and price points.

Are you a homebuilder or remodelled in need of wholesale bathroom waterproofing products? Reliability is important to ensure waterproofing stands the test of time. Choosing a product that prevents shower leaks will keep customers satisfied and greatly reduce the number of repairs.