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Stop Leaks with Commercial Shower Construction in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin

One of the biggest problems faced by commercial shower construction contractors is that of leaking showers. Even though the substrate in commercial construction is often concrete, any leaking from the shower enclosure will result in unsightly staining, increasing cleaning costs for the customer.

Commercial shower construction companies have been looking for solutions to the problem, and have found it in an innovative, Australian designed product.

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Waterstop Streamline was designed to address the problem of leaking at the screen/tile interface after much research into the design of traditional shower enclosures.

After researchers understood this phenomenon, it became clear that for any new design to be effective, it must seal the screen directly to the waterproofing membrane.

The Solution to Stop Leaks with Shower Construction in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin

Waterstop Streamline was designed after many prototypes were tested and refined. It achieves a solid seal between the screen and the membrane, is of one piece construction to minimise potential leak points and maximises the available floor area. It is available in a large range of sizes, shapes and colours to suit all bathroom layouts and finishes.

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Are You Ready to Stop Leaks Associated with Shower Construction?

Using Waterstop Streamline is very cost-effective. Because it installs quickly, the time taken to complete the shower is reduced. Further savings in time and money are achieved by not having to cut and glue tiles to cover a hob. Streamline has a built in tile gauge to ensure the correct fall to waste is achieved, and is therefore very quick to tile. Lastly, the screen installation is very straightforward as the product is installed square and level.

If you are ready to stop the leaks and increase your efficiency in the competitive commercial shower construction industry, make the switch today.