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In Need of Shower Sealing Materials? Avoid Leaks With Quality Waterproofing System Products

Are you a contractor or builder looking for shower sealing products? You’ll no doubt be aware of the importance of proper bathroom waterproofing. When installing showers, builders cautiously follow several steps to ensure a reliable seal. Waterproofing membrane is laid out first, with tiling and other materials placed above. As the screen is fit a layer of silicon is often used to affirm the seal is made.

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Builders have cautiously followed these steps yet still been called back later due to leaks in the bathroom, sometimes just a short amount of time later. Upon checking their work, contractors find that everything was set correctly. What could have possibly gone wrong?

The answer is that some shower waterproofing systems themselves are prone to leaking. Through no fault of their own, builders install defective products and pay the price later with time-consuming and expensive repairs. Years ago, a major contractor noticed this recurring issue and called upon the industry to invent a solution. The answer – Gleda’s Waterstop Streamline – was created with input from experts in numerous trades, making it one of the most effective and versatile shower sealing products on the market.

Why Quality Matters in Shower Waterproofing

A shower is one of a few products home products that is almost guaranteed to be used daily. In homes with multiple family members, the number of times a day a shower is put to use can climb much higher. Thus it is very important shower sealing materials can withstand the constant stream of water over a wide span of time. Unfortunately, many waterproofing systems rely on silicon to seal below the screen. The issue with this seal is that silicon degrades over time, leaving the enclosure open to leaking. A high quality waterproofing system, on the other hand, will include a backup method in case silicon failure occurs.

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Another common instance of leaking occurs when the shower screen is not attached to the waterproof membrane, but rather is sealed to the tiling. In this scenario, water escape between the tiles and membrane. Because grout used between tiles is porous, water can seep through and gather below. Then, cycles of hot and cold cause the water to expand and contract, which has the effect of “pumping” it outside the enclosure. Even hobbed or sloped showers, water is capable of being “pumped” over the incline and out into the bathroom.

The Waterstop Streamline solves these issues by connecting the shower screen directly to the waterproofing membrane. Thus preventing any water “pumped” between the membrane and tiles from escaping. Furthermore, the “keyway” holds water back from escaping in the event of silicon degradation, effectively resolving the major issues discovered in other models.

Thanks to the input provided from tillers and screen fitters, the Waterstop Streamline includes a template that ensures fall to waste and makes screen fitment simple. The product’s aesthetic traits were designed to be adaptable across a wide range of bathroom styles and price points. Furthermore, being available in many different shapes and sizes, the Waterstop Streamline can fit many different types of showers.