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Wholesale Manufacturer of Bathroom Waterproofing Systems and Products Reduces Call-Back Issues

Bathroom waterproofing systems are an essential part of bathroom construction or remodelling. Keeping water contained in the shower area is vital to prevent mould and structural issues. Unfortunately, some models are known to cause leaking. Contractors who have received numerous call-backs to fix leaking showers have routinely found no issues with installation. Rather, at no fault of their own, the bathroom waterproofing system itself contained defects that were allowing water to escape into the bathroom.

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Although common designs may appear fully sealed on the surface, the issue is found underneath the floor. In designs like the rebated or hobbed shower, the screen is often not directly connected to the waterproofing membrane. In the case of rebated or flow-through shower systems, the screen is connected to the tiles with a layer of silicon. While the silicon is intact, it may effectively seal water. However, builders have noted that silicon can degrade within the warranty period, effectively leaving the bathroom open to leakage. In other instances, water can escape even while the silicon is intact. Collecting below the tile surface, water can flow between the tile and bathroom waterproofing membrane and out the enclosure. Such can occur even with hobbed shower systems, as cycles of expansion and contraction will effectively “pump” the water over the hob.

Through no fault of their own, builders have witnessed these defects cause leakage during the warranty period, resulting in numerous call-backs and tedious replacement of bathroom waterproofing products. Out of necessity, industry experts sought a new method to prevent unnecessary leakage.

A Bathroom Waterproofing Solution

A solution was found in a new, one-piece design that directly connects the shower screen to the membrane. Aiming to provide effective bathroom waterproofing systems wholesale, a team of experts at Gleda underwent substantial research, developing prototypes for testing and re-testing. In the end, the Waterstop Streamline was created as an optimal bathroom waterproofing product.

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The Waterstop Streamline utilizes a positive connection between the waterproofing membrane and shower screen, non-reliant on a silicon join. Thus, time-induced silicon failure is not a factor in the effectiveness of the seal. Furthermore, because the screen connects directly to the membrane, the issue of water seeping between the two surfaces is mitigated.

The product was designed with significant input from all trades associated with shower installation – including waterproofers, tillers, shower-screen fitters and builders. Installation requires minimal tile cutting and easy screen fitment and it is compatible with modern, liquid membranes for maximum utility. Its neutral aesthetic traits and wide variety of shapes and sizes make it adaptable across a wide range of bathroom styles and price points.

Looking for bathroom waterproofing systems wholesale that won’t cause water leaks? The current, major defects known to cause water leaking are all mitigated with The Waterstop Streamline from Gleda. Choosing a more reliable product can greatly reduce the number of repairs. Customers will be satisfied with an effective product and builders will save time and money by avoiding lengthy call-backs.