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Where to Find Wholesale Waterproofing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth

Are you looking for wholesale waterproofing in Melbourne? Perhaps you’re in need of wholesale waterproofing in Brisbane or Perth? Waterproofing is an essential part of bathroom construction and remodelling. If improperly contained within the shower enclosure, water can cause issues such mould and decay. Remodellers and homebuilders are cautious to undergo proper procedure while installing shower supplies. However, sometimes the issue lies in the product itself. Some waterproofing models are known to contain defects that allow water to escape. Occurring in a short timespan, contractors have paid the price with numerous repairs. For some, it has proven to be a time-consuming and costly issue.

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Those looking for wholesale waterproofing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or elsewhere in Australia should make sure their product is reliable enough to stand the test of time. Common waterproofing systems in recessed substrate or flow-through showers utilize a silicon join between the screen and tiles. The issue is that silicon is prone to degradation over time. When this happens, the seal is compromised and water is able to leak outside the enclosure. The waterproofing tactic used in a hobbed shower is also prone to leaking. Over time, water can seep through the porous grout between tiles. Through the process of expansion and contraction, water is “pumped” along glue cavities to escape below the screen. In this instance, even if the silicon join is intact, water will leak into the bathroom.

Born from the industry need for a more reliable waterproofing system, Gleda teamed up with industry experts in a variety of trades – including waterproofers, tillers, shower-screen fitters and builders – to create a new product: the Waterstop Streamline. A list of design parameters was set as prototypes were tested, refined and tested some more. The parameters ensured the system would be reliable, cost-effective and adaptable. Tilers and shower builders in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and elsewhere in Australia should make note of the template provided so that fall to waste is ensured and screen fitment is simple. Furthermore, a wide variety of shapes and sizes and neutral aesthetic traits make the Waterstop Streamline adaptable across a wide range of bathroom styles and price points.

Looking for Wholesale Waterproofing in Brisbane?

Waterstop Streamline is manufactured and shipped in Southeast Queensland ensuring fast – often next day – shipping to clients in the area. The 1,500 square meter factory and office is located in Lowood, Queensland. Those in need of wholesale waterproofing in Melbourne can also take advantage of fast delivery times. Likewise, builders and contractors looking for wholesale waterproofing in Sydney will enjoy generally fast shipping.

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Wholesale Waterproofing Perth

Looking for wholesale waterproofing in Perth? Gleda’s premier product is available to builders and contractors across Australia, including Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs. Expedited shipping is available, meaning orders can be potentially delivered overnight to metropolitan areas across the country.