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Looking for waterproofing suppliers? It is important to know the quality of supplies being purchased, as this is a key factor in how the product will perform over time. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom waterproofing. Showers, being used daily will receive a lot of wear and tear. Especially in homes with multiple family members, showers could be used many times a day and each time water runs through the enclosure, waterproofing materials are put to the test. Over time, some seals can be prone to degradation, eventually compromising their strength and ability to hold back a leak.

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One would imagine a leaking shower would be obvious to the naked eye. However, sometimes leaking can occur below the tile surface where it will gradually cause issues unbeknownst to the homeowner. Contractors who used defective waterproofing supplies noted a high frequency of call-backs to fix their client’s showers and bathrooms, often while they were still under warranty. Thus, born from industry need to prevent leaking showers, Gleda introduced the Waterstop Streamline – a premier waterproofing product.

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It is important to note the influence quality of waterproofing materials has on their performance over time. A premier product such as the Waterstop Streamline utilizes a failsafe method that will prevent leaking even if degradation occurs. Many showers, such as those with a flow-through or rebated design, rely on a silicon join between the shower screen and tiles. Below the tiles rests the waterproofing membrane. Over time, however, silicon is susceptible to degrade, which can weaken or puncture the shower seal, leaving the enclosure open to leakage. Further, even with silicon intact, water can potentially escape below the tiles. Over time, water that has seeped through porous grout will rest below the tiles. Then, due to cycles of hot and cold, water will expand and contract, effectively “pumping” it outside the enclosure. Even showers with hobs can be susceptible to this kind of leaking. Manufacturing firm Gleda Pty Ltd found that even showers with an upward slope or tall hob, water could be “pumped” over the incline.

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Hoping to find waterproofing products that have been thoroughly tested? With a team of industry experts from a variety of trades, Gleda developed numerous prototypes, tested, refined and rested their product again. In the end, the Waterstop Streamline featured failsafe methods to prevent shower leaking. The product utilizes a positive connection between the shower screen and waterproofing membrane. Plus the keyway, located above the tile level, ensures that even if time-induced silicon failure occurs, water will be contained in the membrane.

Need waterproofing supplies that are fast to install, versatile and compatible with other products? Thanks to the input from numerous tradesmen – including tillers, waterproofers, screen fitters and more – the Waterstop Streamline fits these requirements. Included is a template so that fall to waste is ensured and screen fitment is simple. Further, the aesthetic traits, sizes and shapes, make it adaptable across a wide range of bathrooms.