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Commercial Shower Construction for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

New Methods of Commercial Shower Construction in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

If you are looking to gain an edge on your competitors while meeting the needs of your clients, you may want to take a look at a new method of commercial shower construction. One of the most common problems with the installation of new showers according to contractors and their customers alike is the probability that the showers are going to leak. The customer, of course, blames the contractor and it is a frustrating situation for both. Over the past few years, however, a new method of commercial shower construction has created interest throughout Australia and is really making a difference in the lives of both contractors and their clients.

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How is Commercial Shower Construction in Sydney Normally Done?

As little as about 5 years ago, all commercial shower construction was basically done with the same methods...the shower screen was sealed directly to the tiles with silicon. Because grout is porous, water could seep down through the grout lines and into the glue cavity above the waterproofing membrane. From here it could escape the shower enclosure and lead to staining of the floor tiles immediately outside. Commercial operators would notice the leaks and call the contractor who would attempt to reapply silicon to the base of the shower screen. This, of course, did not prevent the issue and the cycle would start again.

What is this New Method of Shower Construction?

After much research, testing and examination of current commercial shower construction, there have been a positive advances in the field of shower construction to help to eliminate the leaks and ensure that the construction is, indeed, waterproof. One method that is becoming an industry standard in shower construction is an innovative product designed to create a positive connection between the waterproofing membrane and the shower screen. This eliminates the water-path through the grout lines, ending the leaks and the call backs. The design also incorporates a built in failsafe in the event of silicon failure for added piece of mind.

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Another key requirement for commercial shower construction in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth is the maximisation of available floor area. Waterstop Streamline achieves this while providing a modern, aesthetically pleasing design which matches any planned décor.

Perhaps the most important consideration for any commercial shower construction company is that of cost verses benefit. Waterstop Streamline was designed by a team of water-proofers, tilers, screen-installers and building supervisors, and is very quick and straightforward for each of these trades to complete their task. Supplied as a one-piece product, Waterstop Streamline provides a template for each following trade. This minimises the potential for problems during construction, maximising productivity in this competitive sector.

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