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Stop Water Leaking Under the Shower Door - Modern Shower Design is Preventing Shower Leaks

If you are the owner of a commercial waterproofing company, you know how important it is to get through each contract with the highest efficiency possible. The commercial waterproofing industry is extremely competitive, and any time wasted makes it harder to compete and still make a profit. You also know how time consuming and frustrating call backs to fix problems can be.

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One of the most time consuming areas in commercial waterproofing is the installation and waterproofing of a shower area. This is also one of the areas with the highest call-back rates.

Imagine a product that was designed to provide very fast installation while addressing the most common source of leaks. Imagine no longer!

No matter how well waterproofed a shower enclosure is, leaks can and do occur. This is due to the common method of sealing the screen directly to the tiles with silicon. Grout, being porous, allows water to seep down into the glue cavity above the waterproofing membrane. The action of expansion and contraction then pumps water out of the shower enclosure and onto the floor tiles directly outside. At best, this results in unsightly staining of the floor tiles and at worst, serious structural damage to the building.

About a decade ago, a group of industry professionals were called together to study the problem and come up with a solution. After significant testing, it was found that the only way to block the water-path through the grout was to seal the screen directly to the membrane. A list of further requirements was drawn up. These included, full compliance to Australian Standards, fast and efficient installation, one piece design to minimise potential leak points, minimal footprint to maximise available floor space, fast tiling with assurance of correct fall to waste, easy screen fitment and a modern, aesthetically pleasing design.

Prototypes were built and tested in the field. Refinements were made and further testing was carried out. Eventually a system encompassing all of these requirements was finalised, patented and released to the market.

Since then, more than 50000 Streamline angles have been installed across Australia.

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Indoor Commercial Waterproofing in Perth and Australia Wide Has Risen to New Standards

Commercial waterproofing companies are realising that by switching to Waterstop Streamline, they can increase their productivity significantly. Operators are commonly reporting installation times of 20 minutes for a 1000 x 1000 shower, complete with membrane. As many commercial waterproofing contracts are carried out on multiple dwelling units or high rises, the potential for high installation rates becomes even more apparent.

Waterstop Streamline features a built in tile gauge, so the correct fall to waste in ensured and the product is fast to tile. As the product is installed square and level, screen fitment is quick and straightforward as well.

Available in a large range of finishes, shapes and sizes, Waterstop Streamline provides maximum benefits for minimal change.

If you are serious about maximising profits in your commercial waterproofing company, contact Waterstop Streamline today.