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Bathroom Waterproofing System To Prevent Leaking Showers

Ever notice liquid outside your shower after using it? Did you know showers can leak below the tiles as well? Though it may not be immediately noticeable, many showers are prone to leaking below the surface. Defects in waterproofing shower designs make it possible for moisture to escape in subsurface areas, which can cause issues in the bathroom. Even when carefully installed by professionals, some waterproofing systems are simply prone to leakage. Contractors lament the need for consistent repairs and homeowners can be faced with a costly inconvenience. Shower leaking was indeed a widespread industry concern before a new waterproofing system was developed. Garnering valuable input from many industry trade experts, such as tillers, waterproofers, shower-screen fitters and more, the Waterstop Streamline effectively solved known defects. Consumers, contractors and builders should note that this bathroom and shower waterproofing system was born from an industry need for a more reliable product.

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Waterproofing Bathrooms in the Home

Do you know what kind of bathroom shower waterproofing system your home utilizes? With a rebated or flow-through shower, the tile is on a relatively even plane both inside and outside the enclosure. Waterproofing within these showers often consist of a silicon link between the screen and tile. Below the tile rests a waterproofing shower membrane. The issue with these showers is that silicon degrades over time. As the seal weakens, water can flow below the screen outside of the enclosure. From there, it will rest between the tile and membrane, invisible above the surface.

Homeowners with a hobbed shower may believe the height protects their enclosure from leaking. However, water can still be capable of escaping above a tall hob. Because grout – the material between tiles – is porous, water can seep through it and rest in the layer between the tiles and bed. From there, cycles of hot and cold cause the water to expand and contract, effectively “pumping” it above the hob and out the enclosure.

These two known defects prompted the need for a more effective waterproofing bathroom system – one that would not rely on a silicon join or the height of shower hob. Industry experts recognized a new system would have to follow these parameters, as well as several more for ease of installation and adaptability.

What makes the Waterstop Streamline an effective bathroom shower waterproofing system? The product allows for a positive connection between the screen and waterproofing membrane, in contrast to other products that connect the screen to the tile. The design ensures silicon degradation will not compromise the seal. The keyway, placed above the tile surface, is a failsafe device to keep water contained in the membrane.

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Shower Installation and Waterproofing

The task of shower construction is, in fact, a complicated process that requires numerous professional hands. Waterproofers must apply the membrane and seal the enclosure. Tillers measure cut and carefully embed and screen fitters must ensure their job results in an effective seal. Thus, when designing the Waterstop Streamline, input was sought from all these trade experts. Among other features, a template was developed to ensure fall waste and ease screen fitment.