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Stop Water Leaking Under the Shower Door - Modern Shower Design is Preventing Shower Leaks

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating to a shower construction contractor than putting all of your time and effort into constructing a new shower only to have it leak. Though some leaks are due to poor workmanship, the majority, such as water leaking under the shower door, are caused by flawed design of the shower itself. Without modern shower design in play, preventing shower leaks may not even be possible.

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Why Do Shower Leaks Happen in the First Place?

Traditional shower design calls for the shower screen to be sealed to the tiles directly. Testing using shower models and water coloured with a dye has shown that, grout, being porous, allows water to seep down into the cavity between the waterproofing membrane and the tiles. From here, the action of expansion and contraction pumps water from the enclosure where it wicks between the grout lines outside of the shower. At best, this leads to unsightly staining of the floor tiles and at worst, serious structural damage to the building.

How Does Modern Shower Design Stop Water Leaking from showers?

In an effort to stop shower leaks, a group of industry professionals consisting of water-proofers, tilers, screen installers and building supervisors came together in order to find a solution. A list of requirements were drawn up, including, full compliance to Australian Standards, fast and efficient installation, one piece design to minimise potential leak points, minimal footprint to maximise available floor space, fast tiling with assurance of correct fall to waste, easy screen fitment and an aesthetically pleasing and modern shower design.

Prototypes were built and tested in the field. Refinements were made and further testing was carried out. Eventually a system encompassing all of these requirements was finalised, patented and released to the market.

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Waterstop Streamline seals the screen directly to the membrane to block the water path through the grout. It also incorporates a failsafe to guard against time-induced silicon failure.   As the product is installed square and level, screen fitment is straightforward and its one-piece design minimises potential leak points and achieves a modern and classy look.

Available in a wide range of finishes, shapes and sizes, Waterstop Streamline will complement the existing or proposed décor and when compared to a tiled hob, is very close to cost neutral for the builder.

Waterstop Streamline was designed with the express intention of preventing shower leaks and does it while being much more efficient at the installation phase. Many water-proofers report significantly increased productivity after making the switch.

Join them, and make the switch today.