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For any homebuilder or remodeller, waterproofing is a key step in completing a bathroom. Keeping water contained in the shower enclosure is vital to prevent mould and decay. Unfortunately in the past, many common designs have failed to support a reliable seal. Contractors found themselves returning time and time again to replace waterproofing systems that were still under warranty. Testing for proper installation, builders found that there was no error in construction. Rather it was discovered that many top models contain key defects.

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Those in need of wholesale waterproofing supplies should make note of potential design flaws. It is important that supplies stand the test of time. Many systems, such as the rebated or flow-though design, are sealed with silicon, which is prone to degradation over time. Once the silicon layer between the tile and screen erodes, water can seep out into the bathroom. However, even with silicon intact, water can seep through the porous grout between the tiles. Through the process of expansion and contraction due to the heat and cold, water can be pumped over a hobbed shower and out of the enclosure. Both of these issues are prone to occur quickly. Contractors have repeatedly faced these problems while their products are still under warranty, which have prompted numerous call-backs from customers.

Wholesale Waterproofing Systems Designed by Industry Experts

Contractors need wholesale waterproofing products that are reliable and effective over time so that they can avoid performing tedious, expensive and time-consuming repairs. Thus, born from an industry need for a sufficient design, Gleda led the development of a new wholesale waterproofing product: The Waterstop Streamline.

With the input of industry experts – including waterproofers, tillers, shower-screen fitters and builders – Gleda set a list of design parameters necessary to create reliable, simple and cost-effective waterproofing systems. The product must be resilient to all known causes of shower leaks, compatible with other shower supplies, easy to install and as close to cost-neutral as possible. The team of experts developed prototypes that were tested, refined and tested again. After much development, the product was complete.

The Waterstop Streamline mitigates the defects of other products by connecting the shower screen directly to the waterproofing membrane. Furthermore, the keyway, placed above the tile surface, is a failsafe device to trap liquid within the membrane. Tilers and screen-fitters should note the design parameters that make the Waterstop Streamline an easy-to-install, adaptable product. A template is provided for the tiler so that fall to waste is ensured and screen fitment is simple. It also comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate most showers and the aesthetic traits are adaptable across a wide range of bathroom styles and price points.

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Looking for wholesale waterproofing supplies to be fitted in showers? Be sure to choose a model that has been thoroughly tested for errors. Product defects can result in numerous repairs, especially when they occur during the warranty period. A reliable wholesale waterproofing system, on the other hand, leaves clients satisfied and reduces the need for future repairs.