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Waterproofing Residential Showers with a Streamline and Doorline Angle

Waterstop Streamline was originally designed to simplify the task of waterproofing residential showers. It is supplied in a one piece format, which speeds installation and minimises potential leak points. The one piece design also makes levelling the shower much easier, easing the burden on the tiler and the screen installer.

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It’s unique design incorporates a built in tile gauge to ensure that the correct fall to waste is achieved every time, and it contains keyways to trap modern, liquid membranes.

Waterstop Streamline is a minimal footprint concept which maximises the available floor space, critical in many residential shower designs. It is available in a wide range of finishes, shapes and sizes to fit in with almost any bathroom design and décor.

Streamline’s biggest feature is that it blocks the most common path for water to escape the shower enclosure. In traditional shower designs, whether hobbed or hobless, the screen is sealed directly to the tiles with silicon. Grout, being porous, allows water to seep down into the cavity below the tiles and above the membrane. From here, the action of expansion and contraction effectively pumps water out of the shower area and onto the bathroom floor. This can result in staining of the grout lines between the floor tiles outside of the shower. It can also have serious implications if this water makes its way to the structural elements of the building.

Waterstop Doorline was produced in response to customers who had installed a Streamline shower, but used a standard waterproofing angle across the entry to the bathroom. They asked if we could produce a waterproofing angle which matched the Streamline, and so we did. Available in 40mm and 50mm heights, the Doorline angle compliments the Streamline shower and achieves a cohesive, modern look. The rounded bullnose at the top of the Doorline angle is a much safer shape to guard against trip hazards than a standard waterproofing angle, and the design features a serrated inner surface to provide excellent adhesion to liquid membranes.

Waterproofing Residential Showers Made Easy

Waterstop Streamline is quite simply the easiest, most straightforward way to construct a shower. Many, many tilers and water-proofers recommend the system to all of their builders as it simplifies the installation process and prevents one of the BSA’s most consistently listed, top ten faults – leaking shower screens. We have received glowing recommendations from water-proofers, tilers, screen installers and builders and have been told many times by builders that they wished they had switched to Streamline years ago.

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How Can Using Streamline Residential Showers Help My Business?

Waterstop Streamline is very fast to install. Many waterproofers report times of 20 minutes and less for the installation of a 1000 x 1000 shower, complete with membrane. This speed and simplicity maximises productivity and many waterproofing companies report that their employees can install up to twice as many showers per day than when using traditional hobs or waterproofing angles.

Because there is no tiling of the hob needed, tilers can save between 60 and 90 minutes per shower. Waterstop streamline also has a built in tile height gauge, so tilers no longer have to waste time establishing the correct level for the bedding at the hob. After you have used Streamline for a house or two, ask your tiler if he would like to go back to your previous method.

Waterstop Streamline is installed square and level, vastly simplifying the measuring and manufacture of the shower screen. Installation is also fast and straightforward, as screens to not have to be manipulated and packed to achieve plumb.

Because of the cost savings during the water-proofing, tiling and screen installation phases, Waterstop Streamline is very cost-effective for the builder. Many project builders report that the system is very close to cost-neutral when compared to a tiled hob, and when the lack of call-backs to fix leaking screens is factored in, the streamline system is miles ahead.

Make the switch today to start reaping immediate benefits for your business.