waterstop streamline
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Suitable for installation between two walls (full height or nib return).

Waterstop Streamline is installed in place of an aerated cement brick hob, standard angle or recess into slab to provide long-term superior waterproof construction with the added benefit of modern appearance.

Sizes (mm):

  • 1000mm Straight (1 Leg) Product code 1000/1
  • 1200mm Straight (1 Leg) Product code 1200/1
  • 1500mm Straight (1 Leg) Product code 1500/1
  • 1800mm Straight (1 Leg) Product code 1800/1
  • 2000mm Straight (1 Leg) Product code 2000/1
  • 2200mm Straight (1 Leg) Product code 2200/1
  • 3000mm Straight (1 Leg) Product  code 3000/1*

These sizes can be easily trimmed on site with a standard hacksaw to suit other size requirements.

Additional details and product diagrams are available from our product fact file.

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*Increased freight time and/or charges may apply