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Durable Waterproofing Shower Doorlines

To improve the appearance of the entry to the wet area, Gleda has released Waterstop Doorline, a door sill extrusion like no other.

The result really is spectacular.

The key features are:

  • Bull nose design to create a modern, stylish appearance
  • Safe radius to step over
  • Aesthetically matches Waterstop Streamline showers
  • Serrated surface of the internal vertical leg allows waterproofing membranes to securely adhere to the extrusion, providing enhanced waterproofing
  • 20mm horizontal leg with serrated base provides an appropriate surface area to securely glue the extrusion to the substrate
  • External face of vertical leg is covered with protective tape which enables the extrusion to remain clean and undamaged during construction
  • Bright silver anodised finish

Doorline is available in heights of 40mm and 50mm in either one metre or three metre* lengths.

These standard lengths can be easily trimmed on site with a hacksaw.

Supplied in packs of six.

For more information on this product, please download the Doorline Fact File .

* Increased freight time and/or charges may apply