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Waterstop Streamline - Why would anyone use anything else to build a shower with? No more ugly, sharp brick and tile hobs for me to tile over and no more fiddly bits with uneven floors and out of square showers.

At last someone has got a product together that not only works, but it looks good and is so easy for every trade to work with. It even comes with step by step instructions on the protective tape.

Mr Andrew Shailer - Andrew Shailer Tiling

My business has expanded rapidly since we started using the Waterstop Streamline hob and now I have tilers voluntarily recommending the Waterstop system - and me - to other builders.
Everyone that uses it loves it...

Mr Fred Meddings - Managing Director, Watertight Australia (Waterproofers)

Waterstop Streamline reduces the risks of leaking in the hob area of the shower, which is a high risk area. We have also found that less damage is caused by other trades in this area compared with traditional Hebel hobs. The product is simple to install and our applicators were easily trained to do so.

Mr Stephen Southworth - Managing Director, Wetfix Waterproofing