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Waterstop Streamline has eliminated the unsightly tiled shower hobs and water problems associated with them. This product by itself looks too simple to be anything that special, but when you see what it does for the whole shower construction you quickly understand its benefits. Since switching to Waterstop Streamline my job has become a lot easier as I don't get called out to fix leaking shower screens. I definitely recommend the use of Waterstop Streamline hobs for any shower construction.

Mr Jeff Grainger - Contract Building Services for Devine Homes Qld

We were previously using hobs made from Hebel block and tiles and found this shower tray construction method to be very inconsistent and problematic. The change to Waterstop Streamline initially looked to be adding costs; however, after saving on the cost of investigating and repairing faulty showers, saving in labour and materials in tiling, and easy  fitting of the shower screens we now know we are saving money. With so many new products on offer in our industry it is difficult to find time to investigate them all. We are very glad we made time for this one.

Mr Dennis Wright - Building and Project Manager, Beazley Homes

By using Waterstop Streamline I know the shower will be perfect every time. It has to be, because this product is designed to dictate placement of all of the other components to make up the complete shower. It's virtually impossible to stuff it up. Waterstop Streamline means no more call backs on leaking showers, better choices for my customers (who love the modern look), easier for my tiler and shower screen installer and has saved me money.

Mr Glen Whitehead - Managing Director, BJM Developments

I am happy to give my recommendation to use Waterstop Streamline because this product really does work. It is the only product that I have seen that positively connects the shower screen to the waterproofing in a completely leak free way. It looks great, is very simple to install and allows my customers to choose almost any screen they like, even frameless. Waterstop Streamline controls the whole shower construction process by the way it has been designed and I get a high quality, consistent and modern finish every time... and my showers don't leak.

Mr Albert Aeberhard - Builder, Hotondo Homes Group ACT

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