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Trouble-free Showers Bathroom Waterproofing

The keys to trouble-free shower construction:

  • Shower screens must be connected to the waterproofing membrane to completely isolate the shower tray from the bathroom floor. This prevents water tracking through tile grout and enables it to run off the back of the screen into the shower tray waste
  • The finished tiled floor must have correct fall to waste to prevent water from pooling (most standard angle used is too low and prevents the tiler from achieving any fall to waste)
  • A waterproof waterstop (preferably without joins on corners, high enough to allow fall to waste and strong enough to withstand harsh treatment during construction) must be installed to remain visible upon completion of the shower.

If your current shower design does not tick all of the above, then it's time you changed to Waterstop Streamline.

Minor change with maximum benefits

There's generally no need to change contractors or materials currently used as Waterstop Streamline works like a jig to enhance waterproofing, tiling and shower screen connection.

More information on sizes and colours is available from our Products pages.