waterstop streamline
Technical Information > Installation Instructions

Installation is simple and can be completed by the builder or contractor. Waterstop Streamline can be applied directly to all floor substrates or inserted into recesses to greatly improve waterproofing and construction time.

Basic instructions are provided on the protective tape; however, more detailed instructions are available in the following downloadable file.

Please note that installation instructions given by Gleda are specific to the use of this product. Associated waterproofing techniques and products used to form the complete shower system are entirely left for the installer to ensure compliance with building authorities. Waterstop Streamline is fabricated from aluminium extrusion and the responsibility for compatibility of waterproofing products used in conjunction with this product remains with the installer.

When installing Waterstop Streamline it is important to ensure that the shower screen will be able to connect with the wall after tiling. In cases such as the photo shown (right), where there is a corner or a nib return wall, this may mean setting the product in from the wall edge. If in doubt please consult your screen supplier.

Gleda can provide referrals to experienced contractors who are able to supply and install Waterstop Streamline if required.

If you have any questions about installation please contact sales@gleda.com.au or phone 07 5426 3700.