waterstop streamline
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Material: Exclusive aluminium extrusion grade 6463-T5 (trim grade) with an average thickness of 3mm.

Design: Steamline's patented shape boasts many innovative design features.

  • Bull nose creates a modern, stylish appearance and provides a safe radius for toes.
  • 40mm serrated foot provides appropriate surface area to securely glue the extrusion to the substrate.
  • Pronounced tile-gauge on inside face dictates the correct bedding (screed) height to provide the required fall for even the largest showers.
  • Membrane anchoring keys on the Tile Gauge and inside the upper vertical surface allow the membrane to adhere securely to the extrusion, providing enhanced water-proofing over "standard" angles.
  •  Cavity above tile-gauge provides for adequate amounts of sealant when installing the screen. An inadequate cavity results in sealant being "squeezed out" as screen is installed.
  • Screen face at top contains and hides the sealant to provide a neat, stylish and "streamlined" look to the installation.
  • Waterstop Streamline provides a positive connection between the shower screen and the water-proofing membrane to eliminate water wicking through grout lines and glue cavities. If your current method glues the screen to the tiles with silicone, it simply cannot be completely waterproof!

Can your "standard" angle or tiled hob provide all of this?

Production: Fabricated from one-piece extrusion, each product is notched, bent, corner gusseted, linished, polished, then powder coated or anodized, taped and boxed. All manufacturing processes use jigs and precision tooling to ensure quality, consistency and accuracy.

Finishes: Powder coated or bright silver anodized and protected by a thick removable tape that includes product installation instructions. Surface finish exceeds architectural standards.

Packaging: Each item is packed in sturdy, corrugated cardboard measuring 50mm wide by 70mm high that extends 30mm past each end of the product. Product is identified using codes for size and colour and is printed on the packaging (refer to the product fact file for code details). More information on Waterstop Streamline is available by downloading our brochure.

Streamline Care Instructions