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Why Use Waterstop Streamline?

waterstop streamline

It's no secret that defective shower construction costs everyone involved in time, money and reputation, but there is a simple solution that ensures no further re-work or call backs.

For the past ten years Waterstop Streamline has provided a faultless foundation for shower construction in more than 70,000 bathrooms across Australia. Locally owned and manufactured, the product solves common problems with shower construction and creates leak-free showers.

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Minor change with maximum benefits
There is no need to change contractors or materials currently used as Waterstop Streamline works like a jig to enhance waterproofing, tiling and shower screen connection.
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By using Waterstop Streamline I know the shower will be perfect every time...

Waterstop Streamline - Why would anyone use anything else to build a shower with?